About Us

All of us in the vWERX have worked from home for years.   We enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the choice, as well as understand the discipline, effort, and support needed to make money and be successful when you work from home.

At times it can feel as if you are all by yourself – trying to figure everything out and then doing the right thing to get the work done, get clients, keep them happy, make money and ultimately keep yourself happy.  Of course, most of the time you are physically by yourself, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself.

vWERX was created so you don’t have to be alone when you work from home. We are here to help all of us who work from home be more productive, find jobs, keep clients happy, make money, find the right partners, tools, technology, balance and ultimately — create the life we want through the freedom, flexibility, and opportunity that comes when you work from home. vWERX is your one-stop resource of support, information, tools, and hacks to work from home successfully.

The vWERX Team

Steve Litzow wears a lot of hats these days, but the one thread that is woven through his career over the past 10 years is his home office. Whether Steve is organizing a major sales push for one of his clients or running for Washington State Senate, Steve’s home office sees much of his daily activity.  email Steve
Kyle Burleigh is a work from home evangelist. He currently works remotely assisting clients with their Amazon.com sales. Kyle has a diverse career background with over 10 years experience in politics, digital marketing, start-ups, government, and e-commerce.  email Kyle
Amy Poblete is the owner of Principal of Urban Tightwad, a full-service Digital Marketing company that she has run from home since 2014.  An empty-nester with plenty of pets and her husband to keep her company when she’s not burnin’ up the keyboard, Amy’s favorite coffee break involves throwing the ball for her English Foxhound (rescue), Nigel and enjoying the beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.  email Amy