The Ultimate Guide to Working from Home –Why You Should and How to Get Started

Working from home has gotten a bad rap lately with some major companies recently rolling back their work-from-home policies. While critics claim that working from home quashes collaboration and innovation and keeps people accountable for their work, the truth is that flexible and remote work environments are actually a good idea. Seriously – there has been study, after study, after study that has shown that remote workplaces are beneficial to both the employers and the employees.

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Hoteling: The More Open, Open Office

Expect everything except room service

I remember explaining to my dad how my company’s open office worked. The importance of the people nested around you. The subtle hierarchical structure established by how close your desk was to a window. The fear of flu season. The need for sound-proof headphones to block out constant distractions.

Unsurprisingly, having worked in a grey cubicle for 20 years, the man was confused.

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Top 5 Conferences for Freelancers, Virtual Workers, Solopreneurs, Work-From-Anywhere types

Many people dream of being their own boss. The mental image of a laptop, a beach, and a cold drink dances through most people’s head as they do their 9 to 5 in a cubicle. So you pack up your computer, give your two weeks, and go out into the world ready to make it work. Weeks go by and somehow this isn’t as easy as you pictured. Where’s your beach? Where is your drink? You do have the laptop though. Maybe it’s time to bring in a professional. …

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