Favorite Online Resources – from our vWERX Community

by Michael Rambaldini

Many of us who work from home have favorite online resources that we swear by. If you are new to working from home, it’s a good idea to try some of these tools and programs that other remote workers have deemed their favorites. Fortunately, since you aren’t the first person to work remotely so you don’t need to recreate the wheel here. Take some pointers from some of our successful freelancing friends and give their favorite resources a try.
Favorite online resources

Kay Nordenbrock, from KN – Consulting & Copywriting, has a couple awesome sites that have aided him with working remotely. Kay realizes growing his customer base is crucial so freelancewriting.com has been one of his favorite resources as of late. It has been the most valuable resource for finding clients and he states, “Since the most important thing for my company right now, as well for all new companies, is to get customers in, my first go-to resource is freelancewriting.com. It is an online platform for freelance writers looking for jobs and companies or people who are looking to hire freelancers. It is a solid site when you are looking for a job, but my favorite feature of the site is the weekly newsletter, which delivers selected top-tier jobs to your inbox every Tuesday, the ‘Morning Coffee Newsletter'”.

Kay’s other favorite resources apply to those who have design needs or simply need a picture for commercial use, and he states, “I found that pixabay.com and stocksnap.io are two of the best websites to offer free stock photos for commercial use. Whether you want to style your website, need to spice up a project for your client or simply searching for a neat desktop background, they got you covered. All pictures are 100% free, licensed under the CC0 license and high quality. This can be an invaluable resource for everybody looking for top quality on a budget.”

There are great time management programs out there that are some of many freelancers’ favorite resources. Our friend Henry Francis, from Today’s Football Tips, says, “I can recommend Rescue Time very highly. It’s a free app I installed on my computer that tracks how much time I spend using various applications and programs in a day. It was fascinating to see how much time is spent (or wasted!) reading emails, for example. If you’re prone to chronic procrastination, Rescue Time will be a real eye opener and help you prioritize your time, zoning in on what drives real success.”

If Rescue Time isn’t your thing, try out the app, ToDoist. McKinzie Brocail, from Medology.com, says, “As a freelancer, I use an app on my phone and desktop called “ToDoist” religiously. It is a digital To Do List that allows me to set recurring tasks at varying times (i.e. every day, every Monday, every two weeks, monthly, etc.). It also allows me to add color-coded labels to tasks, have multiple projects listed with their own associated tasks to help me keep things separate and I can set priority levels. It is a very rewarding and well-organized way to keep track of various projects and their progress.I cannot tell you how helpful it is, especially when things start to get hectic.”

Another crucial aspect of working from home that can get crazy and stressful is dealing with billing and contracts. There are some apps out there that can drastically improve dealing with these inevitable parts of freelance and remote work. Luckily, Maddy Osman, from the Blogsmith, has a great application in mind that can help and has been one of her favorite resources. Maddy says that “One of my favorite new tools is AND CO, a suite of productivity/administrative tools for freelancers. My favorite of their offerings is their contract building tool, which is easy to customize with fields most applicable to freelancers. The contracts I send from AND CO look really nice for my clients and have built-in tracking tools and other useful notifications. This tool also integrates with proposals, expense tracking, time tracking, and more.”

Our pal Slavik Boyechko, from Gear Dads, has another app he confidently recommends as one of his favorite resources, stating, “One of the first things I did when I went freelance three years ago is sign up for Wave Apps. It’s a free, user-friendly and cloud-based site for bookkeeping, accounting, and easy invoicing. It’s not as sophisticated as QuickBooks, but for an individual freelancer or small business sole proprietor, Wave Apps can’t be beat.”

Take it from the freelancers who already have success. Try to utilize their favorite online resources in your work life until you know which resources work best for you.

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