Want a little Teacher side-hustle?

VIPKID may be for you

As the vWERX official “job poster” I spend a little time every day looking for great virtual jobs to highlight for our community.  I look for jobs that pay well, are interesting, require some education or skills, but most of all, seem fun.  VIPKIDS may be a great Teacher side-hustle for you!

I had been seeing VIPKIDS posts for some time and wasn’t really sure if they would be a fit for us.  Today, I looked into their program and I have to say that I’m impressed.   Here is our job posting for VIPKIDS.

VIPKIDS provides kids in China with a teacher here in the States.  It’s one-on-one English immersion training, all done online.  Since the time difference from Bejing to the USA is quite significant, most hours end up being in the very early morning for USA Mountain and Pacific time zones.  This seems like it would work well for a profession who are often early-risers, ha.

If you are a teacher, with a bachelor’s degree, a good internet connection, and a laptop, it’s worth a look.  They advertise $2,000 per month for Part-Time teaching, but it looks like in order to get there, you will need to hit all of the bonuses for minimum sessions and so on.

Good for teachers who want to be at-home moms, maternity leave, or as a transition to retirement.

More information on VIPKIDS

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